Sunset – An Essay

Author’s Note: We were asked to write an essay on “a sunset view” and this is what I wrote😛 oh and I usually write pathetic essays and this is one of em😄

The sun was slowly going down the horizon. As it went down, the burning light of the sun got dull and it looked like a huge disc of orange and yellow. The sun’s orange was mingling with the light blue colour of the sky and it produced a vast contrast of different colours. It was like watching a screen slowly changing colours. The scene was truly beautiful. The dull light of the sun somehow illuminated everything in a way I had never seen them before. Everything was almost still and the effect of the light made the scene look like one in a painting. The waves of the sea also seemed to have changed their colour to a dull mixture of yellow and orange. The water was sparkling like diamonds in the light. The sun was gradually going down and by the time it almost disappeared, the sky had patterns of different colours, from light purple to a dull blue. The scene looked mesmerizing. The birds were also chirping and flying away to their homes. The pleasant breeze, the sweet smell of salty water mixed in sand and the sound of waves crashing against each other completed the scene of a perfect sunset I had always read about in books.

39 thoughts on “Sunset – An Essay

  1. i kno it seems mean to be saying this but i dont think its that good. i’m sorry but it seems like a jumbled mass of descriptive sentences all related to a sunset. yes, while it is descriptive and its an essay,its not a very organized one. from your local freshman, Lauren
    P.S. i’m really sorry about the meanness, but yur going to need to know this…=[

  2. oh what a heart touching words to describe a sunset. These words makes you to feel the scene this essay was very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! My words are very small to descrbe this essay.

  3. thequiteone. y dun u gt a friggin life n shut it………the essay is exceptional…..n u need to fucking chilll ……….weirdo

  4. thequiteone. y dun u gt a friggin life n shut it………the essay is exceptional…..n u need to just chilll ……..n accept art the way it is…………lets c u come up with sumtin u pesimistic pest…………..weirdo p.s mahnoor exceptional work keep trying =D

  5. Emmanuel why dont you stop contradicting me and get to know me better. i’m majoring in a writing class. I try to help kids get better at writing. i probably can do better but i wasn’t born yesterday and i know that if you read it you will still contradict me and say Mahn00r’s essay was still better. come on kids stop fighting about it.

  6. i showed this to my english teacher and she said it was exceptional. she told me that she could see where i was coming from but its was still a very good essay.and i quote
    ” the person who wrote this essay did exceptionally well. with alittle more paractice at writing descriptive essays this person will go far”

    i’m sorry everyone for my derogitive remarks and i hope i didnt crush anyones hopes at becomming a writer with my mean words.

  7. This is a good,vivid description but to improve maybe you could vary your sentence starters because there seems to be a lot of sentences that start with ‘the’.This would make your work more interesting and also it would flow even better. Good description though well done:)

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